Putting business value first

Predictive analytics help organizations evaluate data on past behaviors and predict the likelihood of future behavior to enable better decisions and outcomes. Predictive models can make human decisions more effective and even automate an entire decision-making process. Increasingly, predictive analytics uses data from the Internet of Things to improve safety and performance.

With more than a decade of experience in solving complex analytical problems for clients, CGI’s experienced team of advanced analytics experts has worked across industries to perfect a wide range of techniques. We provide business-led solutions that make a difference as organizations increasingly place the customer and citizen at the heart of their decision making.

CGI uses predictive analytics to help clients create powerful advantages in sectors such as:

Financial services

  • Arriving at credit scores for approving credit or setting an overdraft limit


  • Calculating the probability of a claim to determine how expensive a policy holder is likely to be in the future


  • Assessing clinical risks presented by individual patients to identify people who might be prone to chronic conditions or support clinical diagnoses
  • Identifying, preventing and recovering improper payments from medical claims.


  • Assessing consumer buying habits to promote products, identify optimal sales approach, and target previous customers to “win back”


  • Intelligence for smart manufacturing is key to reducing downtime and breakdowns in the supply chain


  • Predict how much space will be available for cargo


  • Determining the ability and willingness of citizens to pay uncollected obligations and what communications would elicit a positive outcome