Giving people access to the tools they need is central to attracting and retaining customers, engaging employees and achieving business goals. CGI can help you identify opportunities to change the way you do business through attractive, easy to use mobile apps that integrate seamlessly with your enterprise systems.

MobileNOW includes three key stages:

  • Design workshop. We bring together key members of your team, including people who will use the app, in a design workshop. These engaging and creative events will identify the problem that the mobile app will solve and will result in a high level design. User-centred design means that the app will be designed to work in the real world. Our design techniques bring out the creativity in participants, so that collectively we think differently, solve problems and deliver great designs.
  • Wireframe and prototype. We quickly deliver a visual guide to the app design that shows you what the solution will look like and how it will work. We then develop a working prototype app that you will be able to try out on your mobile device. We create the prototype in two short development sprints, with an opportunity for you to see progress after the first sprint. The timescale depends on the scope, but we usually seek to deliver the prototype within two two-week sprints.
  • Proposal for full app development. When you have tried out the prototype, we are keen to get your feedback, hear what you thought and understand how you enjoyed using it. We will discuss any modifications or enhancements you’d like to see during full development. CGI will then give you a fully costed proposal for delivery of your new mobile app into full working production