Top trends and priorities focus on digital acceleration and optimising operations

We met with 36 life sciences executives to understand their top priorities and how they plan to navigate industry shifts. Life sciences executives cited growth acceleration as the top industry trend and optimising today’s operations as their number one business priority. Technology and digital acceleration is the number one macro trend influencing their business.

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Business models require greater agility
16% say business models are highly agile for digitisation

Holistic data strategies are needed
33% cite having holistic data strategies

More can include ecosystem in cyber strategies
37% extend their cyber strategy to their ecosystem

Opportunities for closer alignment
45% cite business and IT operations as highly aligned to support strategy

Growing focus on AI
60% are investigating AI or at proof-of-concept stage

Scientist doing research in a lab

With 34% of executives producing results from their digital strategies, life sciences exceed the all-industries average of 30%. Notably, the number of executives who say their organisation is producing results has almost tripled since 2022. When comparing insights from the 34% producing results (digital leaders) to those building or launching digital strategies (digital aspirants), common attributes emerge.

Digital leaders in life sciences have fewer technology challenges stemming from legacy systems and/or incompatibility.

Experience fewer challenges from legacy systems

Experience fewer
challenges from
legacy systems

Digital leaders


Digital aspirants


Use open standards technology stack to facilitate compatibility

Use open standards
technology stack to
facilitate compatibility

Digital leaders


Digital aspirants


Holistically manage across the organization’s multiple cloud solutions

Holistically manage across
the organisation’s multiple
cloud solutions

Digital leaders


Digital aspirants



Prepare your business for agility and growth
by updating legacy systems and optimising, automating processes.


Increase data business value
by maximising data control, amount and quality to support automation, business decisions and growth.


Continue to protect your assets against cyber threats
as business, data use and collaboration grows.


Closely align business and IT strategy and priorities
to improve results, efficiency and agility.


Invest in data science and AI
to expand capabilities in customer interaction, products/services and internal /manufacturing processes.


Scientist doing research in a lab

At CGI, we help life sciences organisations navigate the rapidly transforming sector by leveraging our industry expertise, advanced technology solution and our commitment to innovation.

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