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CGI Cyber Security Practice

At CGI, cyber security is part of everything we do.

We can be the cyber security partner you can trust. We can provide experts who have the deep, specialist skills you need and who are part of one of the largest teams of cyber security professionals in the UK. For more than 35 years, we have helped clients manage complex security challenges with a business-focused approach.


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Challenging your organisation: 11 cyber security questions CEOs need to ask

17 June 2018 It is increasingly clear that cybersecurity is a key factor in a company’s performance, reputation and valuation. This point is brought home in The Cyber-Value Connection report published by CGI in the UK, which quantifies the connection between a severe cyber breach and damage to company value. ...

Preparing for GDPR: Less than 80 working days to go

28 February 2018 As we approach May 2018, the full implementation date for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), or more likely, the implementation date of the UK Data Protection Bill which will be drafted into UK law to reflect GDPR, I thought it worth talking about what one can do in the working days we ...

GDPR – a framework to improve business

09 August 2017 "How should organisations approach GDPR?" asks Andrew Rogoyski, Vice President, Cyber Security