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Cyber security is never out of the press.  It is a fast moving area where best practices and technologies need to be dynamic.  We help our clients assess the risk, protect their business and operate with confidence. By helping our clients to manage complex security challenges with a business-focused approach they can protect what is most valuable to them.

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Helping defend against a 30,000% increase in phishing attacks related to COVID-19 scams

15 September 2020 This blog discusses the increased phishing surge in March, as the Coronavirus pandemic was getting a foothold globally, Cyber threat actors started to leverage an opportunity with a surge in phishing emails that played on people’s fears.

Considerations when buying managed security services

08 January 2019 The trend towards organisations of all shapes and sizes buying managed security services continues to increase and we’re seeing the rise of interest from all sectors. Is it any wonder? Access to the best talent, products and intelligence can be expensive and difficult to manage for a single ...

Challenging your organisation: 11 cyber security questions CEOs need to ask

17 June 2018 It is increasingly clear that cybersecurity is a key factor in a company’s performance, reputation and valuation. This point is brought home in The Cyber-Value Connection report published by CGI in the UK, which quantifies the connection between a severe cyber breach and damage to company value. ...