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How collaboration and data sharing will help enable effective devolution

28 April 2016 Table George Osborne’s March 16th Budget upheld the Government’s previously announced drive to devolve powers to local authorities. Termed “a devolution revolution” in the Budget document, the Chancellor stated that, “this government is delivering on its commitments to transfer powers to each ...

Why I believe the Blockchain will transform Government

11 December 2015 You may not yet have come across the Blockchain but it is making waves within the financial services community and is heralded as one of the most significant advances in technology for a generation. In essence, it is a new database technology that is based on a distributed ledger, which itself is ...

The need for collaboration across blue light services

07 December 2015 "As a community we need to reconsider our perspective on blue light services". Our blog highlights the importance of collaboration.