Accelerating digital to meet citizen expectations

The digital strategies of defence and intelligence agencies are maturing, with 60% now in the “operational” or “producing results” stages. However, with this maturation progress, along with the impact of the pandemic, the percentage of digital strategies “launching” this year declines (31% in 2021 versus 42% in 2020).

Key findings from our conversations with defence and intelligence executives in 2021 follow, download the PDF.

Top trends and priorities 

Top trends
  • Protecting through cyber security
Top business priority
  • Protect military organisations and operations (cyber security)
Top IT priorities
  • Cyber security

The impact of digitisation on the defence and intelligence sector is rising:

cite the impact of digitisation on their business models
now have an enterprise-wide digital strategy
now have digital strategies in the “operational” phase

This year, 89% of executives cite the impact of digitisation on their business models, up from 77% from last year. Because of this impact, 50% of executives expect a strong impact on their business model evolution, and the percentage of executives with an enterprise-wide digital strategy increases to 37%.

Among the 8% of executives who are producing results from their digital strategies, the digital leaders, 67% feel strongly that environmental sustainability is core to creating value for citizens (compared to 24% of those who are building or launching digital strategies). Further, 67% are better at aligning business and IT priorities (versus 33% of those in the building or launching stages).

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