The Ministry of Defence is one of the UK’s largest health providers delivering primary, intermediate and secondary healthcare and dental services to the armed forces. This includes occupational health and public health support for some 200,000 service personnel, 50,000 dependants and many veterans.

About camp Bastion

Camp Bastion is the main British military base in Afghanistan. With 21,000 people calling it home, including Americans, Danes and Estonians, it is the largest British overseas military camp built since World War II.

What camp Bastion does

Camp Bastion is in the middle of a remote foreign country and is essential to the success of operations in Helmand Province. Wounds and diseases are a real threat to the troops operating in Afghanistan and medical care needs to be a top priority, to ensure that anyone wounded or sick can return to the field, as soon as possible.

The challenge

Camp Bastion needed an efficient IT system that supported the doctors in their work, while securing and managing patient data. The system needed to be easy to use as the hospital staff work under great pressure and are rotated every three or six months. Training was a crucial requirement to ensure that the staff were able to use the Whole Hospital Information System (WHIS) effectively.

Our answer

The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) appointed CGI to deliver WHIS under the most challenging conditions at the Camp Bastion field hospital in Helmand Province. We ran a competitive procurement for the MoD, as a result of which System C was appointed to provide its award-winning Medway PAS/EPR software. CGI acted as the prime systems integrator and contractor for the project.

A success story

We successfully delivered the new IT healthcare system to support the UK military and NATO personnel being treated in the Camp Bastion field hospital. The custom built software allows the camp to have tailored solutions to their problems, ensuring efficient work. The drive to improve basic administration functions was supported by this software.

Why work with CGI?

We already work closely in partnership with the Ministry of Defence for over 40 years and we deliver its primary healthcare systems. We have experience in Defence across the world and over 25,000 NATO staff in 14 countries use our Document Handling System for business on a daily basis. We also run the IT systems of the largest UK hospital trust. We have the knowledge and experience needed, and we’ve put it to good use