As part of its commitment to improving customer service, ILE wanted to introduce a fully remote monitoring system for all of its lifts. The company needed to be able to receive data from all lifts so that it could address faults quickly and efficiently. With each lift producing up to 1 Gigabyte of data per month, ILE looked to technology to resolve this challenge.

We created a system using Internet of Things (IoT) technology that transmits and records data, in real time, from the lift controllers direct to engineers at ILE. By using and adapting widely available commercial hardware, our experts avoided the need for expensive custom hardware development.

With lifts in various buildings around the country, all monitored through a portal solution, ILE now has a national map of the state and availability of all lifts. Through the solution, the company can also send commands to the lifts.

The new web-based system makes it easy for ILE and its clients to monitor them all closely, with real-time animation and notifications significantly reducing reaction times for any related lift events.

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The project referenced in this case study was delivered by Xibis, part of SCISYS, which CGI acquired in December 2019.