CGI operates across the Cyberspace, Space, Military Space, Aerospace, Maritime, Land, Business Systems and Intelligence domains.

We are a true IT Systems Integrator. We work tirelessly to advise, build and operate bespoke, technically complex, mission-critical information systems which help our clients keep us all safe and secure.

We bring innovation to our clients using proven and emerging technologies, agile delivery processes and our deep expertise across the breadth of space, defence, intelligence, aerospace and maritime, all underpinned by our end-to-end cyber capability. We work collaboratively with global technology companies, cutting edge SMEs and academia to deliver the optimal solution for each client.



Assess the risk, protect the organisation and operate with confidence.

We help government and commercial clients manage complex security challenges with a business focused approach – protecting what is most valuable to them.


Military Space

Protecting the space domain.

We deliver management, operation and service provision for military assets in space and high-altitude including communications, navigation and surveillance of both space and ground, Space Situational Awareness, aircraft control systems, ground segment control, processing of data and information, protection and defence of sovereign space based assets and services.



Secure, mission-critical solutions.

We help our clients enhance mission success and increase the value of their investments in space. CGI delivers secure, mission-critical space systems including data processing and exploitation, satellite communications, orbit determination, command and control, ground segment engineering, navigation and situational awareness.



Digitising civilian and military aerospace.

We meet the operational needs of civilian and military aviation through safety critical systems design, integration, software solutions, secure digitisation & data optimisation.



Accurate situational awareness and positional information in demanding maritime environments.

CGI helps clients achieve missions more effectively and with greater confidence through our open architecture Maritime Platform Management Systems. These systems are capable of providing accurate situational awareness and positional information at high speeds in demanding environments.



Delivering secure interoperability.

Timely, accurate and coherent information is critical to today’s military operations, helping commanders understand their operating environment. We deliver digitisation and platform management systems that ensure the right information is in the right hands at the right time.


Business Systems

Transforming defence information services to be agile, efficient and innovative.

Our services include applications management, secure architecture design and development, security accreditation, secure hosting and training. We support defence corporate services from healthcare to asset management.



Advancing secure digitisation to achieve results.

CGI supports intelligence clients deliver secure, complex, largescale programmes to help protect the UK’s national security.


Emerging Technologies

Accelerating innovation and change.

As markets develop and new value chains are created, CGI is able to leverage our emerging technology capabilities to unlock value for your organisation. We focus on a core set of technologies and works with a powerful ecosystem of specialized partners. By combining these technologies we can design a custom solution and, as patterns emerge through subsequent use cases, develop reusable solutions, creating an environment of ongoing innovation and improvement.

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