SAP HANA based on in-memory computing technology is a highly innovative approach for real-time access to business critical information. Combined with comprehensive services from CGI, SAP HANA enables instant data access resulting in smarter business decisions and faster response to changing market conditions. We bring in best practices and standardised procedures to guarantee high efficiency and quality.

SAP HANA has the ability to process information and transactions continuously. With HANA you no longer need to wait for batch processing to be completed before retrieving the latest data.

SAP HANA provides direct access to operational data without affecting the performance of the SAP ERP application or any other operational software. Organisations can synchronise key transactional tables in near-real-time in-memory, making these tables easy to access, analyse and look up. Once data is available in-memory, departments can instantly look up individual line items from massive lists like booking documents, sales leads, or service requests - with no impact on the operational system.

The smooth workflow and modelling of SAP HANA supports direct-access for detailed line items, as well as models for more complex analytic processing. SAP HANA provides support from idea to analysis. The support and workflow covers the entire process:

  • identifying relevant operational data (the raw data to be transformed into relevant information)
  • generating semantically grouped information in models
  • publishing the completed models

What sets SAP HANA apart from traditional analytic models is the absence of any materialisation - all models are purely virtual and calculate results based on the underlying detailed operational data. The absence of materialisation means making changes to models is straightforward and fast.

SAP HANA can access any data. In situations where organisations require operational data from non-SAP applications or would like to expand existing analytic models, any source of data can be used as a foundation in SAP HANA. Non-SAP operational data will be loaded in-memory in SAP HANA, enabling businesses to generate a complete picture for a specific business situation using a very lean process.

The web-based modelling environment provided by SAP HANA increases user autonomy. They can readily create new analytic models based on semantically enriched views that turn raw operational data into understandable and relevant information to make business decisions at the speed of now.