Exploitation of known vulnerabilities in software remains the greatest cause of security incidents. Having a vulnerability management system is the single most effective way of securing a network.

Delivered by the Secure Applications team, the CGI Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS) allows you to offload the task of discovering what’s on a network, identify vulnerabilities and weak configurations. We can also prioritise any risks so you can address them in the most efficient way prioritised by business impact. We report all of this data in an actionable format to your relevant working groups.


How the service works

Discover what’s on your network

VMaaS can detect and inventory all known and unknown assets that connect to your global hybrid-IT environment, including on-premises devices and applications, mobile assets, endpoints, clouds,

containers, OT and IoT.

As a result, we understand the real scope of your network and how it changes over time, so that we can identify any devices which shouldn’t be on it. Details of OS, configurations, applications, certificates, and more give you a full understanding of your environment, without any of the hassle of running regular internal inventory processes.


Identify the vulnerabilities

VMaaS shows you what is vulnerable, and how much of a risk each vulnerability presents. We continuously detect software vulnerabilities with the most comprehensive signature database, assess securityrelated misconfigurations based on CIS benchmarks, and assess digital certificates (internal and external) for issues and vulnerabilities.

We prioritise the findings and present them in an easily digestible format so you can take action.


Customised Output

What we deliver is the most important aspect of the VMaaS offering -fully customised output, delivered to multiple teams. A patch report to a network team, an OS risk dashboard to the Wintel team, or a monthly executive summary highlighting critical risks to an executive team. The Secure Applications team will work alongside your people to generate outputs that provide actionable intelligence, and then continue to iterate them over time to make sure they stay relevant.


If you would like to find out more about our service offerings, download our VMaaS overview brochure.