The Institute of Water Journal: Water competition – lessons from the energy sector

CGI UK Water Sector Practice Lead, Graham Hainsworth has been featured in The Institute of Water Journal Spring 2015 Edition discussing the introduction of competition in the water sector for non-household consumers in 2017 in England and what lessons can be drawn from previous examples.


The water industry is now preparing for the introduction of competition for non-household consumers in 2017. This will offer these customers more choice and higher levels of service. Competition is a challenging new venture and not without risks. Fortunately the UK benefits from operating some of the world’s most innovative utility markets – the Scottish water market is the only competitive water market in the world and the UK energy market was the first of its kind. CGI has been at the heart of implementing and running those markets since 1990.

What lessons can be drawn from these examples to help make the journey to 2017 a success?

Competition needs to be seen not as a challenge, but as an opportunity. In the brave new world of competition, water retailers will need to change their business and adopt new technology to give them the edge. The water companies that stand out in this new environment will be those that embrace change and continuously innovate for the benefit of their customers. Our experience of building and operating central markets that enable competition to take place effectively in the energy sector and in the Scottish water market ensures that we have the knowledge and expertise to work with water companies to help ensure success in the new competitive market.

The full article is featured on page 49 of the online Journal.

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