At CGI we are proud to care about our members. Our members make everything we do possible and it’s important to us that we have the tools available to our members to support them in any situation. We’ve signed up to the Mental Health at Work Commitment to join employers all around the UK in making mental health at work a priority. Our care, recognition and this commitment is a foundation for us.

We know it’s not just about saying that we care, it’s about action. It’sThe Mental Health about engraining it into our culture, giving our members a platform to have their voices heard, and demonstrating our commitment by offering ongoing initiatives, activities and training. It’s essential every member has access to this, and that they have it readily available for when they need it. This is where we’ve enlisted the help of each other and MHFA England.

As of March 2021, over 300 of our members in the UK are certified as Mental Health First Aiders with MHFA England and we are constantly seeing more members volunteer to get involved. These certified members have developed a strong support network for their colleagues and through our mental health support mobile application,  ongoing drop-in sessions, confidential Member Assistance Programme and variety of workshops, we aim to keep our mental health in mind at all times throughout the year. We’re incredibly proud of this at CGI and the response from our members and mental health first aiders is a testament to the positive impact of our approach to mental wellbeing.

One of our mental health first aiders shared this about the training:

Being a MHFA has given me the opportunity to understand and learn more about the tools I have available in CGI and beyond that, how to use them to help my colleagues, and even help myself. I’ve grown as a person from this course and it gives me great pride in the company I work for. It is a great system of support when a colleague can get support and feel relieved just by having someone there to check in with them.

Find out more about member wellbeing at CGI.