Cyber Security Infographics

Stay safe in a digital world.

Organisations know cyber security is a major risk; they depend on the Internet and IT systems to communicate with their customers, suppliers, partners and staff.

We talked to 150 C-suite executives from the UK’s largest organisations across banking, insurance, telecoms, retail and utilities. From this, we discovered that:

  • More than a third of C-suite executives believe their organisation will suffer a cyber security breach in the next 12 months
  • Eight out of ten boardrooms say they have increased the scrutiny of their cyber defences since late 2015
  • Less than half of UK boardrooms are confident in the cyber security advice they receive
  • Utilities and Telecommunications are the sectors most at risk

Drawing on our experience in helping senior executives address the key governance and leadership issues around cyber threats, CGI’s Cyber Security Services team have developed a set of actions that senior business leaders can use to focus their organisations on cyber risk readiness.

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