CGI is pleased to announce its commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2030 with respect to carbon emissions under its direct and indirect control (as defined by Scope 1, 2 and business travel in scope 3 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol). The 2030 target date is 20 years earlier than the target date set by the United Nation’s Paris Agreement on Climate Change. It is also anticipated that certain geographies within CGI will reach the net zero target prior to 2030 and, as such, individual Strategic Business Units will be publishing their own local plans during 2021.

This important initiative is part of a broad range of sustainable activities CGI is investing in to reinforce the company’s ambitious corporate social responsibility strategy. Overall, CGI’s strategic goal is to achieve recognition as a caring and responsible corporate citizen from the local communities in which its professionals live and work in close proximity with CGI clients.

“As historic changes continue to reshape how we live and work, we remain committed to being a socially and environmentally responsible company,” said CGI’s President and Chief Executive Officer George Schindler. “This net zero carbon emissions target is in line with our longstanding environment stewardship efforts across the globe. This involves collaborating with clients, partners, governments, the United Nations and others at the global, regional and local levels to drive sustainability and adopt operating practices that reduce and ultimately eliminate our carbon footprint. We are especially proud of the engagement of our teams at the local level as they work, side by side with our clients, to create a more sustainable world.” 

For 45 years, CGI has worked with clients to identify, monitor and manage environmental health and safety risks, reduce energy consumption, and conserve natural resources. CGI also is a global IT leader in implementing sustainable operating practices that align with the UN Global Compact and ISO 14001.

“Through our environmentally-oriented operating practices, we have reduced our carbon emissions by 50% since 2014,” added George Schindler. “We also help our clients reduce their CO2 emissions and achieve their sustainability goals through our innovative energy solutions.”

CGI’s commitment to accelerating the sustainability of its business has enabled it to improve its performance continuously with respect to key environmental indices, including the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, the Carbon Disclosure Project, and EcoVadis.