Costs around cloud consumption can quickly get out of control and become increasingly sophisticated and difficult to manage. You may end up with a bill much larger than the business case had anticipated, and this could rack up in a very short space of time. Other challenges may include allocating spending back to the proper cost centres or applications, and also empowering your teams with the data they need to better manage their spending.

Cloudability with CGI helps you drive cost savings around your cloud consumption by providing a cloud economics assessment to determine whether you are spending more than you should be, and then providing custom recommendations, dashboards, reports and alerts to help reduce that consumption. This could be by altering the dimensions of the service, reducing the service that is being consumed where appropriate and overcoming any other inefficiencies that are costing your business.

Our joint service can be a one-off assessment or an on-going commitment to help you maintain control. We can provide support in the following areas:

  • Monitoring and reporting - Eliminate surprises and find the inefficiencies in your spending and usage
  • Chargeback and Allocation - Identify gaps in your tagging strategies and increase ability to recharge cloud spending across your organisation
  • Optimisation and automation - Make sure you’re only paying for the resources you really need
  • Empowering all teams - Drive a culture of optimization at each and every level of your organisation
  • Role-based visibility and allocation - Give everyone the data they need, right when they need it

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