About the NOA awards

NOA awards

Now in it’s eleventh year, the National Outsourcing Association Awards recognise best practice in outsourcing projects, and reward end-users, suppliers, advisors and service destinations. The NOA awards are completely independent, and as such they are the most highly respected and coveted awards within the outsourcing industry. The winners will be announced at the awards dinner in London on 20th November.

NOA awards

The category of Shared Service Centre will be judged on the basis of its ability to deliver both initial and on-going business value, incorporating both best practice and continuous service innovation.

About the CGI Service Centre

The CGI service centre serves 180 clients across a wide range of sectors including health, utilities and government departments. The clients vary in size and complexity, but they all have one thing in common; the exceptional support they receive from CGI.

The service centre brings together three specialist teams to work as one. The service desk is at the heart of the service centre, with strong governance provided by the ITIL service management area, and a deep level of technical expertise being provided by second and third level support teams. The teams work together through every stage of a client’s journey, from the bid, through transition into live service, so that CGI delivers exactly what it sells. Team members are encouraged to suggest improvements and to drive them forward, such as the initiative which reduced Priority 1 calls by 70% for a utility client.

The service centre manages over 2.25 million contacts a year yet it maintains an impressive 94% customer satisfaction rate. That’s because the teams develop specific industry sector knowledge. They know that when a printer in a hospital goes down it’s not merely an inconvenience; it could mean a patient’s cancer results will be delayed.

Supporting customers doesn’t just mean fixing things when they go wrong, it’s also about actively anticipating problems before they arise. Teams monitor customers’ environments for irregularities, and through regular analysis, potential issues are identified and prevented before they can have a negative impact on the client.

It’s no surprise then that the CGI service centre consistently meets and exceeds its SLAs. 99% of changes are successfully delivered, causing no unscheduled outages, and 94% of major incidents are resolved to SLA.

CGI not only has effective systems and processes, it lives and breathes them. Its Client Partnership Management Framework is the result of 38 years of knowledge, experience and lessons learnt which guides every aspect of client engagement.

There is only one outsourced service desk that has been given a five star rating by the Service Desk Institute – it’s the one that is run by CGI’s UK service centre. This commendation gives a certain confidence, but there’s no room for complacency. The CGI service desk continues to innovate all the time, through people, process and technology.

This spirit of innovation has resulted in many new initiatives; one of these is the client site drop-in centres – a face-to-face support forum which bring teams closer to their clients’ businesses. Another is the InView solution which provides team leaders and management with a real-time view of call volumes, service levels and analyst performance, helping management to direct resources to areas of greatest need.

Speaking of the CGI service centre, Tessa Troubridge, managing director of SDI says “The strength of the CGI brand and culture, the investment in its people and the empowerment of individuals through being ‘members’ has played a crucial factor in the service desk maintaining 5* world class status for the second year running. This is an unprecedented achievement of which the whole team at CGI should be immensely proud.”

If you are considering embarking on an outsourcing journey and would like to see CGI’s service centre for yourself, then please contact enquiry.uk@cgi.com.