User experience is critical in today’s digital world. Meeting growing user expectations requires constant innovation involving frequent code changes and deploying new application features on hybrid IT environments. In this increasingly dynamic and complex landscape, reliability cannot be compromised as even a few minutes of application downtime or poor performance can impact revenues and customer satisfaction. At the same time, security and privacy concerns require a comprehensive cloud approach that balances risk and value.

CGI SiteReliability360 is a hybrid IT management platform that enables reliability through high-availability deployments across any underlying private or public clouds. The platform also provides continuous monitoring of these deployments to achieve service level objectives (SLO), cognitive automated operations management to scale as required, and auto healing when anomalies are identified. It comes with a robust multi-tenant governance layer to manage role-based access, provide holistic telemetry, track utilization and keep costs in check.

Built on the tenets of site reliability engineering (SRE), the platform empowers site reliability engineers and DevOps teams, while simplifying the underlying complexity of the hybrid IT infrastructure.

CGI SiteReliability360 includes features such as:


CGI SiteReliability360 Platform Overview

CGI SiteReliability360 provides the following benefits:

  • Improves productivity by bridging the gap between development and operations teams
  • Automates repetitive and mundane processes to reduce toil and improve automation maturity
  • Plans and maintains operational runbooks
  • Enables hybrid cloud management and support 
  • Proactively monitors and analyzes application availability, capacity and performance (ACP)
  • Keeps keen track of client SLOs
  • Provides actionable and reliable alerts
  • Supports rich telemetry and diagnostics
  • Facilitates seamless integration of DevOps and DevSecOps
  • Reduces operational costs

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