Discover the power of Generative AI through our workshop     

Learn how generative AI fits into enterprise architecture, identify opportunities for generative AI in business and cover the steps needed to bring value in a generative AI project with Google Cloud’s AI tools.


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Discover ICE Lab, our greenhouse for experimental culture

We help our customers to experiment with new technologies. CGI has embarked on a new kind of development activity that responds quickly to developments in the IT sector and leverages the capacity and expertise of a large organisation. 


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Download AI buyer's guide

How to get started with AI and what can it be used for? We put together a mix of key technology demonstrations, business insights, case studies and advice for your first AI project.


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Want to understand how AI can be used in your organization?

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CGI is partner at Google Gen AI Live event - 28.11.

Embrace the Future of Innovation with Generative AI

With all the buzz in the market around Generative AI, understanding the possibilities and getting started meaningfully can feel like the challenging part.

This event is designed for business leaders and technical colleagues to join together, and unlock the value of Generative AI across your organization. Together, we will embark on a journey of discovery, exploring the possibilities that lie at the intersection of human ingenuity and artificial intelligence.

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CGI is a partner of the Google Gen AI event

Google and CGI share a longstanding partnership committed to delivering cutting-edge cloud services. We are happy to collaborate with Google at the Gen AI Live event as partners, where we'll demonstrate our ability to harness our local expertise and, in collaboration with Google, bring forth innovative cloud solutions for our valued customers

Meet our experts at the CGI stand

Explore the cutting-edge synergy of AI and marketing at our booth! Join experts Markus Nygård and Veikko Väätäjä to discover how a few key details can unlock the potential for a complete marketing plan.

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Google Gen AI event - 28.11.2023

Learn more about our substantial investments in AI and our ongoing partnership with Google

CGI invests 1 billion dollars to AI

CGI to invest $1 billion on expansion of AI capabilities

CGI announced the planned investment of $1 billion over the next three years to support the continued expansion of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) services and solutions in partnership with clients seeking to responsibly move from experimentation to implementation while accelerating time-to-value from new AI technologies.


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CGI and Google expand partnership

CGI and Google expand partnership

CGI announced the expansion of partnership with Google to drive innovation in the responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. This partnership will help clients accelerate their time-to-value from new generative AI use cases specific to their industries. 


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