Transforming manual testers into software test automation experts

CGI TestSavvy is transforming the world of application quality assurance (QA) testing with a unique and compelling approach to test automation.

Traditional testing automation is a slow and complex, two-step process in which manual testers write a test case and then bring in senior automation coding experts (also called “automators”) to write a script to automate the case. Automators must then create, execute and maintain these complex scripts, the framework to run them, and the underlying software testing tool integrated development environments (IDE’s).

CGI TestSavvy supercharges manual testers by enabling them to write sophisticated automation scenarios themselves, with no coding expertise required. This reduces the effort required to achieve and maintain the desired test coverage, quality parameters and timelines, and also enables 2-3x more automation coverage as compared to traditional coded automation approaches. CGI TestSavvy saves weeks in the process and shows significant benefit on every software release, including the first. Tests can be executed for smoke testing, regression testing, DevOps testing and all other testing phases involving manual testers, including fully documented user acceptance testing (UAT).

How it works: Manual testers and business analysts use the CGI TestSavvy graphical user interface (GUI) to virtually map an application. An auto-sync feature then adds a corresponding dataset, as well as scenarios for data entry, navigation and verification for each application interface. Scenarios are kept up to date as changes are made to the virtual mapping. Testers then add these scenarios into the correct sequence along with the related test conditions and data needed to create test cases. Test cases are then translated into script languages automatically.


Proven results: CGI TestSavvy has been implemented in the banking, insurance, health, communications, automotive, sales and government sectors—for single tester projects as well as Fortune 500 global testing organizations. It automates testing for web, client-server and mainframe applications, web services, databases, ETL and cable set-top boxes. For organizations that already have invested in test automation, CGI TestSavvy leverages prior efforts to maximize savings.

Key benefits:

  • Increase productivity, throughput and test coverage
  • Deliver higher quality products for at lower costs
  • Hedge against increasing QA test rising costs by automating efforts
  • Eliminate the bottleneck of waiting for expert script writers
  • Focus automation coding experts on DevOps, test tool development, support of the manual testers, and the most difficult scenarios for automation
  • Accelerate and streamline test case creation and execution
  • Realize aggressive automation goals
  • Reduce manual effort and elapsed time and costs 

Coupled with our Testing as a Service offering, CGI TestSavvy has optimized quality and reduced overall project costs by greater than 20% on some projects.

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