Bank consumers will ultimately decide the future of banking, so for the past four years, CGI has been researching consumer perspectives on digital banking. Our 2017 Global Financial Consumer Survey builds on our previous three years of research reports, which track consumer preferences for financial services, along with their satisfaction and acceptance of emerging non-bank alternatives from FinTech innovators.

In previous years, we discovered significant unmet demands from bank consumers together with a willingness to switch to alternative bank suppliers as new value-add services become available. While there has been year-over-year improvement in consumer satisfaction with bank services in each year’s research, gaps still remain, and this year we are seeing an increasing openness to banking with third-party providers, which puts further pressure on banks to elevate the banking services they currently provide.

For more findings and insights on 2017 bank consumer trends and preferences, we invite you to download our ebook  on this year’s survey results.