Digital transformation is changing the shape of energy retail in the UK. Research from MIT1 shows that the leading digital organisations are between 9 and 26 per cent more profitable than their competition.

Customers are turning to digital contact tools and want a personalised experience from their energy supplier through web, mobile applications and other digital channels such as social media. Aggregators and price comparison websites and applications are attracting increasing numbers of consumers and it’s important that energy retailers can interact with these organisations to promote their brand and attract new customers.

Our Multi-Channel Portal is designed to help your organisation compete in a growing digital market. This low-cost, high-value solution can integrate with leading price comparison sites to give you additional routes to market. It works with leading Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs) to augment your existing sales channels. Importantly, it also makes integration with existing CRM and billing solutions straightforward - including out-of-the-box integration with the Junifer CRM and Billing solution at the heart of the ER360 ecosystem. It is quick to implement and can complement existing online channels and content management solutions or as a standalone digital capability.

We are developing mobile applications to provide self-service solutions to increase customer engagement and reduce cost-to-serve. Our mobile applications will incorporate social media integration, and make the most of new smartphone technology - such as optical character recognition.

We combine these tools with our Business Intelligence and Customer Analytics solutions to give you a better understanding of your data and customer trends, as well as helping you act on changing customer needs.


It is not enough to simply understand digital tools; you need a partner who also understands your industry. We have dedicated web and mobile application development teams who can quickly build customer-facing platforms - keeping your customer journey at the forefront. Standard functionality - using pre-built integration to other components - forms the core of the web and mobile solutions, while additional tailored functionality can be added in a rapid and agile way to help you differentiate.

We understand the technology, the market and, most importantly, your business and your customer requirements. This lets us deliver a user experience that doesn’t just give your customers the service they expect and deserve, but also promotes customer advocacy and improves your cost-to-serve.

1Capgemini (2012). The Digital Advantage: How digital leaders outperform their peers in every industry.

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