At the heart of every UK retailer is a core CRM and Billing capability. In an ideal world, this should allow retailers to:

  • Minimise the need for manual interaction
  • Deliver a seamless customer experience
  • Get things right, first time

CGI’s Energy Retail 360 (ER360) ecosystem features the Junifer CIS application, which will help you to meet these three objectives.

Specifically built for today’s complex industry, Junifer CIS enables straight-through processing - meaning it will reduce your cost-to-serve. It is also easy to integrate with an existing legacy application suite, or can be delivered as a standalone component.

To support your retail business, this application allows you to:

  • Price, quote and contract I&C, SME and domestic customers
  • Quickly, efficiently and correctly invoice your customers
  • Manage payments and debt easily to recover cash
  • Gain quick access to your customer data for insight and reporting
  • Create workflows and tickets to channel customer contacts to the right teams and experts within your organisation
  • View customisable dashboards to monitor operational performance and determine new business opportunities
  • Gain a single version of the truth through a single database, used across different business processes

This application is different because it is purposely built for the complex UK utilities sector, giving you a faster route to market, while minimising costly customisation.

The ER360 ecosystem also includes Utiligroup’s proven AFMS market interaction suite which is pre-integrated to Junifer CIS to manage electricity and gas industry messaging.

Why CGI?

Our experience in retail processes allows us to augment CRM and Billing solution delivery, using different methods:

Systems integration - we have a scalable capability to help you put these solutions in place, from a full implementation through to specific areas. This will complement your own strengths, including project management, business analysis, test and architecture. We draw on our experience of implementing this solution within a complex business-to-business retailer at a time of constant regulatory change.

Subject-matter expertise - we help you shape your requirements and business processes by sharing our insight into the market. So, rather than replicating your business as it is today, you can leverage the opportunity to challenge your competition.

Market innovation - our consulting teams understand the complete spectrum of the energy industry, including new trends such as energy flexibility. This means they understand your unique business landscape, and can implement Junifer CIS in a way that works best for you.

Get in touch now to find out more about how CGI can help you and your organisation.