Since December 2006, the number of licensed suppliers in the domestic gas and electricity market has quadrupled. This trend currently plots an upward curve, with no indication that the total number of participants will reach a plateau.

With each new entrant, competition for winning and retaining customers increases. So, to arm you with digital insight into the performance of your products and the behaviours of your customers, we are developing a Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics solution to complement and enhance the Energy Retail 360 (ER360) ecosystem.

Our solution not only provides self-service reporting of the data that flows through ER360; it also lets you create your own insight. By integrating data from multiple channels, business areas and third party sources, our solution allows you to build a flexible reporting toolset to aid running your business.

The following list is a small sample of what the solution will enable you to do:

  • Simplify the presentation of data by using prebuilt dashboards and reports - utilising visualisation methods to quickly identify the significance of data
  • Correlate win/loss performance on a regional basis to competitor behaviour and tariff changes
  • Assess margin impact through speculative pricing changes
  • Increase customer engagement and ‘stickiness’ through provision of new insights into consumption patterns and the ability to customise value-added services
  • Analyse customer sentiment - mining social media to bring unstructured data into the equation

Why CGI?

The ER360 ecosystem creates a large amount of data that is essential for understanding the performance of your business. The combination of our experienced data scientists and the wide breadth of our subject matter expertise within energy retail provides a unique proposition of talented resources that has enabled us to create a broad data model that is rich in insight and a perfect complement to the ER360 suite of tools.

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