CGI Wealth360 Portfolio Management offers a complete portfolio management toolset on a single, integrated platform. These tools can be used together or matched with third-party solutions for a custom environment. They support all investment program types, including fund wrap, SMA, UMA, rep directed and unified managed households, as well as a full range of client profiles—from “robo” automation for the self-directed to multi-currency and alternatives for the ultra high-net-worth.

Portfolio management features

Model management, rebalancing and trading

Intuitive and automated scaling to manage thousands of portfolios

  • Automatic drift alerting and tax aware trading recommendations
  • Customisable constraints and operational processes
  • Block trading, rapid exception cleanup and other advanced trading tools
Advisor dashboard and workflow

Modern workstation to retain current advisors and attract the next generation

  • Clean, bold visual aesthetics, customisable to your branding, with native mobile access for advisors
  • Definable “robo-like” automated workflows to actively guide prudent advisor behavior
  • Configurable widget-based interface, with the ability to arrange how widgets such as alerts are presented
Compliance and audit

Systematic surveillance and enforcement of prudent investing practices

  • Central operations mandated guardrails such as permissible drift for advisor activities
  • Automatic, ongoing system monitoring for violations, including pre- and post-trade checks
  • Keystroke-by-keystroke user-specific action logging with searchable audit trail
Product selection and proposal

Experiential investment planning that drives compliance with regulatory standards

  • Approved product list standards, including fiduciary compliance
  • Goal-based investment planning to support demonstration of client “best interest”
  • Modern, graphical presentation to ease communication with clients
Fee billing and performance reporting

Flexible billing and reporting that easily communicates investment outcomes

  • Goal-based performance reporting to show clients’ progress toward concrete objectives, such as home ownership, while demonstrating “best interest” investments
  • Integrated accounting engine with detailed data tracking and reconciliation for accurate reporting
  • Highly configurable billing engine with the ability to group accounts by household, apply different rules to different accounts, or support any other preferred structure
Digital "robo" solutions

Full spectrum of tools for digital advisor empowerment through investor-directed solutions

  • Configurable step-by-step workflows for onboarding and servicing
  • Automation of rebalancing, servicing and other administrative actions
  • Modern, streamlined investor- and advisor-facing interfaces