Together, we're powering deeper, faster insights from data

Our partnership with Elastic delivers Enterprise Search, Observability, and Security solutions into Defence, Central Government and other industries. Together, we support and deliver critical national infrastructure, protecting the UK and its citizens by providing data lead solutions that streamline the search and collection of vital intelligence for national security.

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As an Elastic partner, what value do we deliver to clients?

Together, CGI and Elastic help to expose actionable insights at speed and scale by enabling companies to explore and analyse data differently, using the power of search. 

Organisations use Elastic’s solutions to surface, search, and report valuable information across log, network, geospatial, structured, text, and cybersecurity data.

The solutions provide customers with a flexible and infinitely scalable means to store and rapidly analyse their data for real-time situational awareness, all while operating in a secure, compliant, and auditable environment across the government.

Workloads can also be orchestrated across on-premises, private and public clouds to support the customer’s specific deployment requirements.


Client success

On a typical day, 18,000 new Smart Meters are installed in citizen’s homes by a large field force of engineers. The work that CGI and Elastic does focuses on avoiding outages to the system that would leave thousands of engineers unable to work and customers waiting for their meters to be installed. Using the Elastic, we monitor 755 processes in real-time.

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Man adjusting the temperature at home using a smart meter monitor against the wall