Data protection, ensuring that sensitive personal data is treated properly in complex IT systems, has been a priority for CGI for many years. It is a business wide issue that requires an understanding of what data is held, why it is held, how it is processed and how it is protected. 

GDPR is the latest set of legislation requiring organisations that acquire, process, store or communicate sensitive personal data to do so with greater care. Ensuring that the security of the systems involved is appropriate is only one of the tasks that GDPR will demand of a modern digital organisation. 

CGI has produced a range of information assets to help organisations with GDPR preparedness. If you’d like to discuss these assets, or would like help with, or an independent review of your GDPR plans, please get in touch at



Fact Sheets and Further Information

  • Are you GDPR ready? A factsheet with key information on the regulation and how CGI can help.
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments. A guide to DPIAs, and important part of preparing for GDPR, and how CGI can help with them.
  • Data Governance Framework Review fact sheet. A guide to the benefits of a DGFR in the context of GDPR, and how CGI can help.
  • Preparing for GDPR: less than 80 working days to go… a blog discussing reporting and supply chain preparations you can make for GDPR.

Selected media coverage

  • City A.M: The business world speaks about the biggest ever overhaul of data legislation. CGI featured in this look at GDPR, key changes of the regulation and the impact on business.
  • City A.M: Why investors should be wary of firms that don't take data governance seriously. Article looking at why organisations should treat data governance seriously in the context of GDPR. CGI’s recent Cyber-Value Connection study quoted.
  • GDPR Report: GDPR: no longer business as usual? An article written by CGI, looking at how business should treat GDPR and use it to their advantage.
  • The Independent: EU data protection regulation passes in Brussels. Article exploring the right to be forgotten, with CGI commentary on how this should be treated as a business issue and not just IT.