The view from 2030

A brave new world is slowly emerging from the economic crisis and it will be nothing like the old one. Too much has changed.

The great European powerhouses of invention and manufacturing are crumbling, and cautious investment is not yet sufficient to fan the flames of recovery. Manufacturing and service centre jobs have moved to India, and Asia and the Silicon Valley still dominate product development.

The future view

But the view 20 years on is a positive one. We will adapt to this new world and innovation will be a key force in helping us thrive.

Already innovation is seen as a key differentiator but the gap between those organisations that embrace it and those that do not, will grow. Innovation will dictate which organisations will simply survive during this time of change and those that will lead the way.

This is why we are taking innovation seriously.

Unlocking Innovation

Innovation means different things to different people. Some might think it means having a good idea or doing something in a new way. For us, innovation means the successful exploitation of ideas that are new to your organisation and that deliver positive business benefits.

It means turning good ideas into economic, environmental or social benefits, and into new or improved processes that will benefit real people.

We believe the only way to leave the lean times behind is to make your organisation innovation ready – where every member of staff is thinking about how to move the business forward and by collaborating with other diverse partners and companies to spark new possibilities for the future.

The trick is in knowing how to do this in your organisation.

This paper examines where innovation will come from in the next 20 years and how you can achieve it in your business.