The M2M Business Enablement Platform aggregates data coming from potentially millions of devices. These could be using different communication networks and different protocols for communication. The devices provide data to the platform. The platform can store this data, pre-process it and/or distribute the information to applications subscribed to it. The platform provides a workbench that allows easy on-boarding of new device types. The platform provides an open application programming interface (API) to enable easy on-boarding of M2M applications, thus creating an ecosystem of devices and applications, which can be offered in a PaaS or a SaaS model to multiple clients. Also, the platform provides services such as business insight and analytics for M2M applications and enterprise clients. The platform has been architected to support new capabilities based on requirements (for example geofencing or maps) and offer them as a service to the M2M applications.

CGI’s M2M Business Enablement Platform provides key capabilities to:

  • offer the means for M2M business applications to become device and network agnostic
  • enable M2M business applications to share, collaborate and make use of the information services provided by the platform based on the device data
  • integrate M2M business applications via an industry standard interface
  • administer the system and derive reporting through a readily available friendly user interface
  • generate application-specific business events and alerts
  • store device and business data based on application/client requirements
  • provide a self service portal for the partner ecosystem to manage their services with minimal dependencies.

The platform enables development of innovative applications quickly, across many diverse device environments.