Business leaders are under increasing pressure to make quick and accurate decisions. However, it’s often difficult to pull together the data needed to support business assessment from all levels of the organisation. To complicate matters further, market and regulatory bodies have accelerated reporting deadlines and expanded disclosure requirements. Internally, companies need to continually improve their understanding of the business. And reports are the essential delivery mechanism for all of this. Keeping up with the demands of reporting can be challenging. How a company deals with this challenge can be the difference between profit and loss.

Actionable insight when you need it

The successful implementation of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) and supporting reporting applications helps people understand how their business is performing - from front line employees to senior management - to enable better decisions, confident actions, and more efficient business processes. OBIEE/ OBIA represent a complete, business intelligence (BI) platform that is designed for scalability, reliability, and performance. They deliver a full range of analytic and reporting capabilities for contextual, relevant and actionable insight to everyone in an organisation.

Reporting Transparency from CGI

To make sure that your organisation can benefit from the powerful functionality of this comprehensive BI tool, CGI has created a series of innovative implementation, upgrade and training offerings designed to deliver maximum return on existing and future BI investment. Our reporting transparency proposition offers services that span the range from analysis and benchmarking to implementation and upgrades, plus report and dashboard design and vdevelopment. We provide the technical expertise, business domain experience, as well as the execution required to bring you to a complete solution.

The best decisions involve more than just technology It begins with understanding your current reporting and budgeting business process and the inherent challenges, then deciding what the process should be, and finally, identifying the capabilities and a plan to meet the challenges. Our reporting transparency service helps you:

  • Reduce the total cost of ownership
  • Track risk and compliance
  • Improve Revenue Dynamics
  • Corporate performance and alignment

Bringing it all together takes vision

Business intelligence at work

Moving to OBIEE /OBIA can make a real difference to your business; and a plan, based on CGI’s best practice methodology can make it happen.

  • We have 2,300 BI/PM consultants across the world
  • We were referenced in Gartner’s very first BAP Magic Quadrant as one of the top 10 global players
  • A leading insurance company raised client satisfaction by 24% by implementing the CGI BI framework