There is an explosion of connectivity occurring, with many everyday consumer goods, smart devices and business assets becoming capable of communicating. This is creating demand to harvest the data and enable it to be used by not just businesses but also for innovative consumer services. CGI has partnered with Microsoft to bring their Azure Cloud Services platform to market.

We are the first systems integrator in the world to have implemented live client solutions using the Microsoft Azure Cloud Services platform. We worked with ThyssenKrupp Elevators to do this. We are now exploring further opportunities in Transport, Future Cities and Smart Building projects.


  • Scalable solution with the capability to port legacy applications or replatform using common functions
  • Improved service quality and speed to market
  • Capability to enhance existing applications with significantly reduced investment
  • Capability to pilot innovative services
  • Strategic and market leading position with Microsoft team
  • In-depth IT and Telco skills to both design and build services on the platform
  • Managed service model with game changing profits