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Matthew Grisoni

Matthew Grisoni is a Vice President at CGI, a global information technology company, and a member of its UK Executive. He is also a trustee of the Canada-UK Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation which promotes Canada-UK collaboration through education and research, and a board director of the Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce for which he serves as Technology Forum Chair and Trade Forum Co-chair. Having held several leadership positions at CGI, including responsibility for its UK financial services and oil and gas business lines, he now advises the UK leadership team on operationally critical strategic issues.

Prior to CGI he has held senior management positions at several companies, both private and listed, with responsibilities including driving profitable growth, corporate restructuring, resolving legal disputes, raising venture capital, and corporate trade sales and acquisitions. Earlier in his career he undertook applied research into Artificial Intelligence and cognitive modelling at Logica’s research and development centre in Cambridge, when he published several technical papers. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Computer Science from Queen Mary University of London, as well as a graduate degree in Business Administration from London Business School. He is a member of Institute of Engineering Technology (MIET) and a Chartered IT Professional (CITP) with the British Computer Society.

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