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Fuel Retail Team

The fuel retail business has changed almost overnight and will continue to be disrupted in the coming months and years. Fuel retailers must move at speed to reinvent their businesses to adopt the new business models underpinned by the latest technologies.

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Fuel retail: Insight to the new norm

22 February 2021 Covid-19 has had a dramatic effect on this family run business. Fuel sales unsurprisingly dropped off the edge of a cliff. However, non-fuel sales have sharply increased. So why is this? Find out more in our Fuel Retail blog.

Fuel Retail – Enabling business agility to respond to the new normal and new customer behaviours

07 October 2020 The pandemic will change our world for years to come. Consumers will rethink their purchasing decisions and fuel retailers will need to respond to life in the ‘new normal’.

Fuel Retail: Business Agility

24 August 2020 The effects of Covid-19 have certainly presented a new (very loud) voice of change to fuel retailers. Although they remain open, the sites have experienced an unprecedented drop in both fuel and non-fuel sales. Network planning, site automation, pricing and payments are just a few areas that need ...