Chris joined CGI in April 2018 and has over 17 years of experience working in IT including many years working with the UK Government. Having started on a second-line support desk, Chris’s career has taken him from project management to account management and business engineering. He is a growth-orientated individual with a relentless focus on growing the top and bottom line while having a passion for building strong and sustainable client relationships focused on helping them succeed.

Since joining CGI, Chris has played a key role in winning high-profile competitive contracts and a major renegotiation. In his current role as Vice President and Go To Market Leader for Growth at CGI, Chris has overall responsibility for the growth of CGI in Scotland and Northern Ireland, leading the Growth team, client engagement and marketing. Chris brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of account management and strategic sales. He believes the key to building strong client relationships is through trusting partnerships. Chris aims to create a vibrant partner ecosystem, that will extend our market presence in Northern Ireland. Understanding our client’s business and the products and services that can make a difference for them is vital for growth.

The strategic ambition for CGI in Northern Ireland is to become recognised as a leader in digital transformation and help our clients succeed. Chris is committed to CGI’s strategic priority of making an active and sustainable contribution by investing in communities where members reside. To this end, Chris has recently led the opening of the first office in Northern Ireland, which has provided a base for members to come together. He is passionate about the work he is leading in Scotland and Northern Ireland to grow the CGI business and provide new exciting opportunities to existing members as well as new members.