Join us for a pivotal event that stands at the intersection of technology, governance and innovation at the Titanic, Belfast on Thursday 19th October. As digitalisation accelerates, weaving its influence in every facet of public service, we stand on the brink of numerous possibilities and challenges. This event provides an opportunity to dive into discussions around digital and data strategy, cloud migration, cyber security, sustainable practices and carving a resilient economy for the future of Northern Ireland. 

Key features:

  • Insightful interactions: Engage with a versatile group of expert speakers, illuminating the path forward in a digitally-dominated future. 
  • Strategic Networking: Reconnect, network, and build strategic connections with peers, senior policy-makers, and decision-makers.
  • Dynamic Exhibition Zone: Navigate though exhibition spaces, featuring innovative solutions from leading experts in Northern Ireland’s digital landscape.
  • Empowering Discussion: Delve into pertinent topics like cybersecurity challenges, talent management in digital transformation, and humanizing technology.

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