Almost no crisis modelling scenario could have ever predicted the need to urgently shut down schools, businesses, buildings, and entire cities on a global scale; yet despite this now becoming a stark reality, like many other vital organisations Scottish Borders Council (SBC) are rapidly responding and adapting to unforeseen circumstances.  Regardless of social or economic challenges, SBC are committed to continuing to support their citizens.

As part of their response to the COVID-19 crisis, SBC accelerated the implementation of their ‘Inspire Learning’ programme by six months to give the 546 primary school teachers across the Scottish Borders the ability to access remote teacher training.

SBC requested that CGI implement and deliver home deployment within three weeks, from start to finish, despite the fact that the CGI implementation teams were working remotely due to current restrictions.

The focus of the CGI ‘Inspire Learning’ team’s effort was to deliver this strategic programme by concentrating on the technical solution underpinning it; from robust communications, technical preparation and testing, to an online build video, everything was done to ensure the deployment was a success.

On the first day, 105 teachers were successfully received into the programme; that this was accomplished with the entire SBC / CGI team locked-down and working from home, is an achievement that the whole team are justifiably proud of.

This successful, rapid roll-out has allowed SBC primary school teachers to undertake their Apple teacher training and thus be as prepared as possible for their pupils’ return to school when the current crisis eases.

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