In financial terms, IT in a large acquisition and divestment is neither a dealbreaker nor a major expense. However IT can make or break the success of merger, acquisition or divestment. If not handled properly from the start, IT problems can delay a deal or lead to spiralling costs. IT is also part of changing how people work as a result of the deal with strong implications for human resources and future profitability.

The Challenge

Over the years the oil and gas companies become complex global organisations, with many different regional and global businesses across their upstream and downstream portfolios and supporting processes and IT to match. In an attempt to optimise the operating costs, they have standardised global governance, processes, compliance, IT systems and support operations wherever possible. Each business therefore becomes so completely dependent on global operations that any attempt to acquire or divest business becomes a major undertaking.

The Answer

At CGI we understand the complexity of these global businesses as well as drawing on our very own strong track record of internal M&A –successfully executed over 18 transactions in last 6 years.

We bring proven accelerators, robust frameworks and a dedicated team of subject matter experts and delivery leaders with the knowledge, skills and experience to lead, advise and support the successful delivery of your mergers, acquisitions and divestments initiatives.

CGI helps buyers and sellers around the world meet their MA&D objectives by using our services, solutions and skills in the following areas:

  • MA&D IT Strategy Advisory
  • Due Diligence and Transaction Services
  • Business Change Management
  • Program Management of IT Divestiture and Acquisition work
  • Technical Work streams Delivery
  • Transformational Outsourcing
  • Post deal cost optimization and performance improvement
  • MA&D Internal capability development

Key Benefits

  • Maximise deal value by reducing risk through robust frameworks and structured performance of deal activities
  • Increase ‘potential‘ to deal value by maximising synergy opportunities
  • Effective and extensive organisational transformation to benefit parties involved in the transactions
  • Reduced cost and effort though efficient delivery of IT work streams
  • Increased efficiencies and new way of operating that satisfies all parties involved