The Challenge

The UK oil and gas industry is undergoing a major shift. From large fields and large operators in the early days to smaller new discoveries, many marginal fields and greater interdependence in exploration, development and production. There is a need for operators to focus on maximising economic recovery for the UK as well as pursuing their individual commercial objectives. Asset stewardship is crucial in achieving this, and to minimise costs and maximise revenues, a greater constructive collaboration between operators, partners and regulators is needed.

Our Solution

To meet this demand, CGI has created a secure cloud service called License2Share, which allows users to access solutions that are tailored to the specific information sharing requirement they face.

License2Share is designed to enable license(s) sharing in a joint venture during its life cycle.

Benefits and Features

  • Secure platform to share information with joint venture parties during the license lifecycle
  • Collaboration on workflows, events, compliance and legal document sharing, data management
  • Increased visibility and efficiency of information processes within a joint venture
  • Content management of different document types throughout their lifecycle
  • Better governance and flexibility with regard to compliance and local legislation
  • More than 50% savings in IT costs, no expensive IT investment,
  • More than 30% savings in document handling costs