The IoT revolution

The Internet of Things (IoT) already touches many aspects of daily life and impacts most industries. With IoT, we have a world where smart objects are seamlessly integrated as part of a global network; and where smart objects interact with each other or the external environment to deliver new services and improved processes.

IoT can range from small consumer applications – like wearable devices that monitor your health, and fridges that know when you’re out of milk – to city-wide deployments that use many thousands of sensors to help citizens find parking spaces and governments to plan for the future.

The key to the value created by IoT is in collecting and using data from a myriad of connected “things”, as well as from within your organisation to make better decisions and to enable new services.

Early adopters in each of these areas are already starting to tap into the potential of IoT:

  • Delivering operational efficiencies is often the starting point, through more intelligent use of assets.
  • As they mature, organisations then start to deliver new services that leverage the closer integration that IoT allows with their customers.
  • Once the possibilities of IoT are proven, many organisations then embark on a more fundamental transformation of their operating models

The organisations that manage to navigate this journey will transform their relationship with their customers and improve their shareholder value.

CGI’s approach guides you through the steps involved, and helps you to define and achieve your IoT objectives.

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