Very few industries in the world are as asset intensive as the oil and gas industry. Substantial infrastructures are required throughout the supply chain in order to operate efficiently and safely whilst reducing downtime. This combined with the ever increasing difficulty of accessing new reserves makes effective asset management of most importance to our oil and gas clients globally.

The Challenge

All those working within the oil and gas sector will be aware that constantly reacting to failures and breakdowns costs you money. Conversely, overmaintenance can lead to efficiency losses without improved reliability. The diagram to the left shows the optimum zone that companies are under everincreasing pressure to achieve.

Implementing a traditional preventative maintenance strategy is essential, but omits to use the abundance of data available from control, maintenance and telemetry systems to influence these strategies. It's key that organisations harness this information to achieve the right assets strategies for each of their assets.

Our Solution

At CGI we specialise in effective asset management making it possible to keep track of each asset, generate valuable information from each and, with that information make informed decisions that drive business performance and results.

We help upstream and downstream oil and gas companies to build, design and implement mobile-based solutions to deliver on-demand intelligence, improved information flow, and increased field-force productivity. In particular we offer:

  • Physical Asset & Infrastructure Management
  • Fixed Asset Management & Accounting
  • IT Service Management
  • Mobile Solutions
    1. Mobile Apps
    2. Physical Mobile Devices
    3. Mobile Infrastructure
    4. Legacy Infrastructure

Key Benefits

  • Increased operational and financial efficiency
  • Increased cost effective business management
  • Reduced risk of critical asset failure and threfore overall organisational risk
  • Improved stewardship, accountability and service management
  • Reduced cost, extended life and improved efficiency of strategic assets
  • Safer work environment and processes
  • Improvement in supporting regulatory and external audit requirements
  • Increased data reliability