Today, your organisation needs to be designed for change and speed. This need is driven more by external signals (like the customer) as well as the need to adopt new ways of organising, managing and executing, that are more human-focused. 

This allows you to leverage people’s innovation, creativity and collaboration talents. With this in mind, it’s time to bring in our agile development teams!


"When you see the teams (client and CGI) working together, they're indistinguishable." Simon Dukes - CEO, Fair for You


Partner with us

With agile teams, we deliver with an approach centred on business success. Partnering with us tackles talent shortages as well as fast technology evolution by:

Bringing Strategy into our partnership

While supplying the right talent is our top priority, we keep in mind the overall goal of organisations. Our agile teams utilise your vision, mission and strategy to formalise, prioritise and execute product development with better results

Syncing technology and knowledge

For product development projects to succeed, it is crucial for all involved to speak the same language. Our teams engage with clients to enable them to stay on top of the latest technology as well as agile commitments and models. Not only increasing success ratios, but laying the ground for further innovative discussions.

Increasing value, autonomy and risk sharing

We deliver, high-performing, fully autonomous teams, focussed on business success as the ultimate indicator of value, quality and predictability.



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