The Times and CGI – talking about the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Times, in association with Raconteur Media, launched a 16 page report on one of the hottest topics facing businesses today - the Internet of Things. Published on 17 July to much interest and debate, the report was supported by extensive online articles including a CGI article discussing the work we are doing with Microsoft for Telent in the UK.

CGI also created an advertisement focussing on track record in M2M and IoT – built over 10 years and more.



As recent interest in IoT has increased significantly, businesses are trying to figure out what it means for them, their business models, partnership and customers. The report covers many of these aspects with authoritative pieces from leading journalists highlighting how to join the IoT revolution, ten trends and applications making the internet of things (IoT) arguably the world’s most exciting technology and a discussion from John Hicklin from CGI on the relationships and partnerships that will drive IoT forward, and work we are doing with Microsoft to deliver Telent’s IoT vision.

Read online or download the report today.

 internet of things image