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The Institute of Asset Management ISO 55000 Launch sponsored by CGI!

The ISO 55000 international standard for Asset Management was officially launched by the Institute of Asset Management on 5th February 2014.

As a long-lasting Patron of the Institute of Asset Management, CGI was sole sponsor of the launch event and very proud to be associated with this milestone in the industry of asset management.

The new ISO standard has been created by the collaboration between 31 countries; it not only represents the international consensus on what asset management is but also in what it can do to increase the value generated by all organisations.

CGI is best placed to help organisations harness the benefits of ISO 55000.

We already help numerous clients across the world to optimise their asset performance by reducing risk and cost maintenance and achieve their business goals. Our solutions provide a holistic view of asset management with a near real-time visibility of health, condition and performance information.

Moreover, with a standard aligned Enterprise Asset Management framework able to accelerate adoption of best practice, CGI can support any organisation to reach their ISO 55000 destination.

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About the Institute of Asset Management
The Institute of Asset Management (IAM) is the professional body for those involved in acquisition, operation and care of physical assets and particularly for professionals worldwide dedicated to furthering the knowledge and understanding of Asset Management.