Save time by finding your perfect Jive partner

One of the debates raging at the moment is how children should learn things. In one corner stands Michael Gove, advocating a “robust core of knowledge and facts and information” (cited in Tait, 2013) while in the other corner is a group of academics pointing out that ubiquitous access to the internet means children don’t need to learn things by rote, they just need to learn how/where to find out answers.

They have a point. Scouring my hard drive for a particular document takes my computer about five minutes but Google can deliver hundreds of thousands of relevant links in a fraction of a second; online forums give me free and easy access to experts on any subject I choose (even though I’ve never contacted them before); Twitter notifies me what’s happening in the world before news agencies have got hold of a story; Facebook and Google+ give me online communities with whom I can share information. In short, I can find out anything I want, whenever I want and wherever I am. Quickly.

But some organisations still seem reluctant to embrace fully the potential that this offers them in terms of improved efficiency and productivity. They have concerns over secure access to sites, or worries about their people wasting their days on social media, or sometimes just a lack of information about how best to use the technology to their advantage.

This is where Jive comes in.

Jive is a social network designed specifically for businesses and Government organisations, transforming the way they work. Launched in 2006, Jive integrates the functionality of online communities, blogs, discussion forums, instant messaging and wikis under one unified user interface. And once someone has placed content into any of the systems, other people can find it through a single search interface. You can even incorporate RSS feeds for the latest news.

In short, it is a knowledge bank that is continually and automatically updated, and is specifically for your organisation. No more spending hours trying to find the right piece of information, or waiting for someone to respond to your email, the information is there whenever you want it and wherever you are. On average, an individual saves 20 days a year using Jive.

Of course, you’ll have questions about how to integrate it with your legacy systems, how to maintain secure access, and so on.

This is where CGI come in.

With our expertise in IT, and experience in dealing with the public sector, we’re ideally placed to help you to make the most of Jive. Find out more at the Cloud Store.

Tait P. (2013) Rote learning is fine – there's just too much stuff to teach [online] (Accessed 8 November 2013)