Shan Roy was interviewed by the New Statesman Group on the energy transition, driving forces towards cleaner solutions and how to solve the energy puzzle.

Today’s energy industry is fast becoming unrecognisable to that of only a decade ago. The delineation lines between oil majors and utility companies are increasingly blurred.

Investor demand, growing legislative pressures, ambitious carbon reduction targets, changing consumer behaviours, shifting mobility requirements, the growing ability to harness big data, and advancements in the generation, storage and affordability of renewable energy sources are just some of the factors reshaping the energy landscape.

However, while it feels as though a great distance has been travelled, we remain closer to the beginning of this journey than its end. A decarbonised energy future is still being defined.

The future of energy is citizen-centric, environment-centric and operation-centric. Integrating all three requires significant innovation based on data, ambition and the harnessing of emerging technologies, platforms and providers. This will not be a fast process, but it appears that there is a growing appetite among a number of the industry’s biggest players for tackling the challenge head-on.

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