We are proud that our UK service desk has been recognised again for its outstanding services to clients, having been awarded the Service Desk Institute’s (SDI) 5 star accreditation for a tenth year. In celebration of this, our team attended the SDI Awards 2022 and were honoured to receive the SDI Industry Recognition Award for commitment to service excellence.

Service Desk Institute’s Industry Recognition Award

The SDI’s Service Desk Certification (SDC) programme is the only industry standard based accreditation designed specifically to certify service desk quality. This global best practice standard for service desks provides a set of clear and measurable benchmarks for IT service operations, some of which may not be found within other frameworks and standards such as ITIL or ISO/IEC 20000.

As the first service desk in the world to have achieved this 5 star accreditation in 2012, we are proud that we have continued to uphold these world-class standards. It is a real testimony to the dedicated, hard work of our members when delivering quality services to our clients. By presenting CGI with the Industry Recognition Award, the SDI has recognised this commitment, noting that our service desk has “demonstrated exceptional qualities and exceptional achievements. Over the last 10 years CGI’s teams have consistently demonstrated the highest level of excellence achievable in the SDI’s Service Desk Certification (SDC) programme.”

Specifically, our 380 service desk analysts operate ITSM processes for over 180 public and private sector clients in the UK, handling 2.5 million contacts, managing 60,000 changes and proactively addressing over 1000 problems each year. Highlighting our outstanding approach to customer service, this is achieved with a +93% customer satisfaction score.

When discussing this achievement with the SDI, Jayne Kennington Arnold, CGI’s Vice President Consulting for End User Services, explained:

“CGI use the SDI Best Practices along with our internal measures such as feedback from our members (CGI’s term for its employees) and clients through Service Level Agreement performance, member/client satisfaction programmes and voice of the member/client satisfaction surveys, to ensure that we are continually aware of and focused on the appropriate areas to evolve and improve further. CGI are passionate about providing world-class service excellence at every opportunity and at every level, embedding excellence in everything we do…

…Client and member satisfaction is key in CGI’s success and service excellence is one of the primary ways of achieving this. Delivering service excellence to our clients ensures that they want to remain doing business with us, and are also happy to act as references for prospective clients.

One of our proudest accomplishments is the amazing feedback we receive from the member and client interviews demonstrating how service excellence is key to achieving the best outcomes for both our members and clients.

Our future as a team, with guidance from the standards set by SDI, and with SDI is to continue to evolve our offering and deliver service excellence to our clients new and existing. In particular, we are evolving our AI capabilities to provide complex technical fixes to enhance experience and further delight our clients. We are focusing on user experience and the understanding of what the end user really wants from the service – guiding both our existing and prospective clients with the wealth of expertise we have within the team.”


Find out more about our UK service desk by reading our digital services support centre brochure, and explore how our Advisory Services experts can utilise CGI’s knowledge and experience to improve your organisation’s service desk operations.

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