The Sunday Telegraph and CGI – How the Internet of Things allows firms to create more innovative services

Business Technology Review Supplement

The Sunday Telegraph, 27th July 2014 Business Technology Review Supplement

Any industry which has a reliance on a large numbers of devices, such as aviation, space and defence, manufacturing, retail, telco, healthcare or utilities, can use the IoT to make their business more efficient. As recent interest in IoT has increased significantly, businesses are trying to figure out what it means for them, their business models, partnership and customers. The report discusses many of these issues John Hicklin discusses how the internet of things can help data to be used across organisations and make businesses more efficient and productive.

The report also covers some of the key business challenges that IoT needs to address, Security, managing data, the need to use partnerships to bring a complete solution to market as well as the role IoT is and will play in Smart Cities.


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