We are proud to have secured a new partnership with the employee engagement and well-being tool, Trickle. This close working relationship is set to support UK healthcare organisations improve employee engagement and the overall workplace environment. This partnership will allow CGI and Trickle to provide the health and care sector with a rich insight into what is needed to retain and attract a strong and talented workforce.

Our partnership will begin with exclusively supporting UK healthcare organisations and we plan to extend our relationship in the future, branching out into other areas including business change and the wider public sector.

Paul Reid, CEO of Trickle says “Working with CGI is a great step…and will further enhance our reach and credibility in the UK health sector initially and then beyond”

Lindsay McGranaghan, Scotland Business Unit Leader and Senior Vice President Consulting Services for CGI UK says “Trickle has proven its ability to strengthen the relationships between employees and leaders with a simple but powerful approach to ensuring that key matters are surfaced and discussed as part of everyday business. People make an organisation, and ensuring they remain the focus of it, is a must today… We have seen the strain those in healthcare particularly have been under over the last two years. Platforms such as Trickle ensure employees can provide regular feedback from the ground up to create positive change.”

Justene Ewing, CGI UK Vice President for Health and Care says ‘We all know that there are very real workforce challenges across health and care, from recruitment and retention to the health and wellbeing of staff and their teams.  Our partnership with Trickle and the use of their staff engagement platform will enhance our approach to health and care advisory to help health and care organisations better understand their staff’s needs and address those that are the biggest priorities. Open, honest and transparent engagement will inevitably lead to a workforce committed to deliver the very best outcomes for the people they care for.’

Read further details and learn more about the partnership: 

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