Financial Services Technology report identifies the need for a strong IT partner

A twenty page report on Financial Services Technology was published in the centre of the business section of The Sunday Times on 2nd February 2014. Targeting the financial services decision making readership of The Sunday Times, the report explores the key areas of technology to invest in for 2014. The article on page 10 discusses the importance of strong IT and how more banks are now looking externally for IT and technology resources.

Financial services technology report synopsis


As the Euro zone emerges from recession there are positive signs for financial services. By 2014 total bank operating income is due to rise by 7.1%, with financial services now looking for ways to capitalise on the brighter outlook and growing confidence in the market. Technology underpins financial services and with IT spends set to reach £265 billion in 2014, there is a huge investment underway in this area. However with all this innovation, deciding on what is a crucial investment vs ‘nice to have’ is becoming ever more challenging for firms. This report will highlight the key areas of technology financial services must invest in if they are to capitalise on their position in 2014 and beyond.


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