A new exclusive report on how Europe’s utilities are meeting their customer engagement challenges

Digital Utilities: From Behind the Curve to Innovation, in association with CXP Group, is published at a pivotal moment for Europe’s utilities markets. Energy and water retailers understand the opportunities for growth and profitability that lie in competitive marketplaces. However, they are conscious of the scale of the challenge that lies ahead: from fundamentally change the way they engage with customers to fighting increasingly fiercer competition.

Digital technology is the key that will enable utility retailers to unlock the opportunities of competitive markets. Smart meters will provide data to drive more customer-focused processes. Robotics and analytics will transform the customer experience, allowing retailers to tailor service to individual customer needs. Operational improvements, enabled by more flexible automated back office systems, will make organisations more efficient and agile, ready to respond to changes in fast-moving markets with new products and services.

The study confirms our experience at CGI that many utility retailers are already using digital technologies to build and strengthen customer relationships while prioritising cyber protections as an increasingly critical factor for performance and competitiveness.

Technology can transform the competitive and operational performance of energy and water retailers, equipping them with the speed and responsiveness they need to outpace rivals and win. The firms that move quickest to harness the potential of digital transformation will be best placed to meet the challenge of Europe’s customer-driven utilities markets.

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